Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thank You for Supporting Bike To Work Day!

Waukesha's first Bike To Work Day was a great success! A total of 43 people signed up to bike or walk to work, and 25 commuters stopped by in the morning for coffee, scones, goodie bags and a chat on a dreary overcast morning.

Todd and Collin kept busy checking over bikes.

For the ride home, the temps warmed up but quite a few came back to Cafe de Arts where Ayhan stayed open especially for our event. There, it was great to meet other cyclists from area and then it was on to the raffle!

Thanks to all our sponsors who supported this event- Cafe de Arts, Cyclesmith, ProHealth Care, Taylors People's Park and also all the local business who kicked in for the raffle- Allo Chocolat, Aveda, Cyclesmith, Divino Gelato Cafe, Jess Fleur Fun, Martha Merrill's books, Plowshare Gifts, Rochester Deli, Scott Stoll, Wheel & Sprocket Brookfield.

I think everyone who came walked away with something!

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