Sunday, August 15, 2010

LC Trail Progress

Got a few ride's in on the Lake Country Trail lately and its shaping up nicely...
The trail is now paved from Country Springs Hotel to Glen Cove Rd. near Pewaukee Lake.

There is a new bridge near Pewaukee Lake though.

Deer seem to like the new sections of trail.

The new trail will split here, taking cyclist through the controlled intersection of Hwy. 83 & Golf Rd. near Nagawaukee Ice Arena. Much safer then the 4 lane blind corner it currently crosses at.

With the new smooth trail, carting a couple rims to work is no excuse to drive!


  1. Awesome. That blind corner on Hwy 83 *is* really scary, especially when I'm hauling Carlitos in the trailer.

  2. Ron, nice work on the documentation !!! The trail is turning out great ! I used it three times last week to commute from Waukesha to Lake Mills. It really takes the stress out of the ride !