Friday, August 6, 2010

Paved Trails, Street Closings & Art Crawl

Got out for a bit on the new Lake Country trail yesterday. Even though its not open yet, the west end of the trail from Milwaukee St. in Delafield to Oconomowoc is now pretty much all finished and the east end from Country Springs Hotel to Hwy. SS are is also paved. Things are looking good and updates to the project can be found here.

I will kind of miss the adventurous feel of the crushed limestone, but the new paved trail will make it safer, more efficient and generally invites more users to the trail system. Aaah, progress. Now only we could get a connecting trail over I-94 to Northview Rd...

Tonight, for Freeman Friday Night Live the city will be closing the streets in central downtown(which I don't take credit for) to vehicular traffic. I'll make it down tonight to see how it goes. If you haven't made it Friday Night Live yet definitely check it out!

And just a reminder, a few of us plan to do little social ride tomorrow before the Art Crawl along the Fox River. Meet at Frame Park before 4:00pm. Everyone is welcome to come and then enjoy downtown after.

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  1. I took the LC Trail Monday and its great !!! I can't wait until it completed. Get out and enjoy the stress free riding it offers.