Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sadness and Anger

Jeff Littmann passed away today. Littman is the eighth bicyclist killed by a motor vehicle in Wisconsin in 2010.

It's such a waste to lose someone who has positively touched so many lives. But we need to also remember the other victims of major crashes here in Waukesha County. I can think of four major bike crashes in the past year:

Last week - Jeff Littmann and Lauren Jensen on CTH C in Nashota
July - Travis Weber, who was crossing STH 164 on the New Berlin Trail in Waukesha
June - Benton Reed on Bluemound Road in the Town of Brookfield
June - Brett Netke, on Highway 18 near Dousman.

Enough is enough!

I hope that we can somehow honor all of these victims (and remember Brett, Benton, and Jeff) by having a motorist education campaign. Judging from the comments on the JS Online comment board, a lot of people don't seem to think that cyclists a right to use the road. I even had a conversation with a co-worker this morning who thought that cyclists should ride AGAINST traffic. Unfortunately I couldn't convince him that not only was that illegal, it would be highly dangerous!

We are hoping to work with the Bike Fed to put together some sort of education campaign to educate motorists about the rights and responsibilities that cyclists have on our roads. If you are interested in being a part of this effort, contact us or comment below.

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  1. It is very sad. I could not believe the comments I read on line or the comments I received from co-workers. One woman told me people should not ride bikes outdoors. A man died and a woman was injured yet people are ranting and raving. Placing blame on the victims. I felt like I was reading comments about a rape. Same gut retching feeling. I think part of the solution is that all drivers need to be aware of what it is like to ride a bike. No driver license unless a person logs 20 hours on roads,streets and trails. That will not happen. Another thought is laws like they have in Holland. Or better yet, you hit someone you ride their route every year on the anniversary of the accident. That will not happen either.

    Every time I ride, I dream of a safe place to ride. A trail that does not cross any roads. A road without a motorized vehicle. That will not happen either.
    I'd like to do something to change this. To make it safer for all of us, I don't know what.