Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Easy Way..

A recurring question about cycling through Waukesha is "How do I get from the Glacial Drumlin to the New Berlin Trail?" While there are numerous ways through town, it really depends on your tolerance of traffic, hills, potholes and sense of direction(which is easily skewed when entering Waukesha). The easiest, safest and most efficient way I've found is College Ave. east to Hartwell then north to Lincoln Ave. which connects to the New Berlin Trail.
If you wanted to stop to eat, shop or stroll around the river downtown, heading north on just about any of the streets intersecting College- West Ave., Maple, Grand Ave., will take you to the heart of downtown. Taking Broadway Ave. in is easiest if your coming from the East.

The Downtown Rail Corridor

There is an abandoned rail bed made up of coarse gravel, unmaintained, that parallels Lincoln Avenue from Barstow to Perkins. It would be nice to see this trail improved as its a nice amenity to the neighborhoods it passes through. While I don't see it as the most likely route for cyclists passing through town, it is a safer alternative for those not comfortable riding on the streets or those who prefer a quieter ride through the east end of town. Definitely something to be considered.


  1. Is the abandoned rail bed north or south of Lincoln? I have lived in Waukesha for 4 years and don't think I know of this. I just pick up the trail at Cooper and go from there.

  2. Sarah,

    Its just south of Lincoln. You can pick it up on Perkins St. across from the foundry or on East Ave. north of the campus. It also crosses Broadway at Lake St. The only inconvenience of it is it crosses so many side streets at an angle, there's a lot of frequent stops for someone passing through. Check it out though..