Friday, November 12, 2010

Rockesha- Next Friday!

The Rockesha Social ride is one week away! People have asked what the route is like, so I posted it below:

This is a social ride, so nobody will be left behind ;) Cafe de Arts is staying open until 7:00 next Friday. Meet there before hand for coffee and a snack as the ride will be departing at 7:00pm! The casual ride should take about an hour & 1/2. We may alter the route slightly depending on the size of the group and the weather. We'll finish up around 8:30 at Magellan's on Main for pizza. $10 donations will be collected up front to cover the pizza (we'll make sure you get your fill) and to raise money for the Waukesha Bike Rack Project. Be sure to bring a helmet, lights and bells if you have them.

Also don't forget, tomorrow is Russell's Tour O' Tosa! See you then!