Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rockesha Roundup

Friday's Rockesha ride turned out to be a good time with nearly 30 people coming out to ride the parkway and enjoy downtown! Huge thanks to Ayhan at Cafe de Arts for warming everyone up at the start with his great coffee and Dan at Magellans for hosting the finish, the pizza was amazing and I think everyone got their fill! Thanks to George and the Waukesha Tattoo crew for there contribution and joining us as well! Total, (after Pizza- thanks again Dan!) we netted $270 to put towards our goal of $2000 by spring for the Waukesha Bike Rack project. The next ride will be mid January, so keep it in mind if you need a reason to get out after the holidays. A few more photos,

Don't forget, today is the downtown Christmas Parade as well. Be sure to ride down and check it out at 4pm. Looks like Galleria Edge will also have some good things cooking on the West End for the parade. I'll try to make it down..


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