Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tour O' Tosa- This Saturday

If your looking for something east of the county line this weekend, Wauwatosa cycling kingpin Russell is hosting his 3rd annual Tour 'o Tosa this Saturday in Willow Way Park. Here's the scoop from him..

The Location is set! Ground Zero for the festivities will be at the Will-O-Way Lodge located in the Underwood Parkway. This can be accessed off of Swan Blvd just west of Hoyt Park. Go past the Golf Course and up the hill and you'll see the signs.

Alright all you chuckleheads, here's what you need to know for this years Tour of Tosa: as always it's a 2-part event - a Scavenger Hunt followed by a Relay Crit Race - since the Hoyt ...Park Pool is being rebuilt the Figure 8 of Death course is out for this year. But don't you fret your pretty little heads none, I'll have an equally fun and idiotic replacement for you deviants.

You'll be divided up into teams of 4-6 people, get a map and instructions and get turned loose to wreck havoc on my fair city. You'll need a Digital Camera for your team as you must provide proof that you've gone to all the sto0o0opid places I send you. After you complete your map, you'll return to the start for another map and repeat the steps until I get bored with you. After a break for scoring, the top teams in the Scavenger Hunt will then complete in the replacement for the Figure 8 of Death Relay Race - on bikes scavenged out of the 'Tosa city dump. The winning team takes home the Stack of Cash. Got it? Either way, just show up or we'll talk about you later.

* 10:30am Start - This means be there and ready to go by 10:30am. Be late and you may miss out.

* 3pm or so finish - 'Nuff said.

* $5 - This is the cost on entry - or $4 if you bring some non-perishable food items for the local food pantry. You may want to bring a few bucks extra in case you get the munchies real bad along the route.

* Starting Area - You'll stop back there a few times during the day so you can always stash extra clothes or food/beverages in the car as needed.

* Digital camera - if you got one, bring it. You're team will need one to prove they've found the items on the Scavenger List.

* Teams - 4 to 6 people to a team. If you cannot afford a team, one will be appointed for you. Just show up and we'll throw you on a team with others - it's one way of meeting friends. Your team must stay together during the event.

* Bike - It's mostly city riding, but there maybe a few off-road sections, some gravel and some grassy sections. I'd recommend either a Cyclocross, a MTB or your commuting rig. A carpet-fibre road bike is just plain silly - even on this ride.

* Clothes - It's a casual event so full teamkit is in the overkill zone. You'll be on and off your bike alot , but will be riding 25-30 miles. Most go for regular ol' street clothes. In fact wearing lycra isn't a good idea because if you get arrested you'll end up in the holding cell with some bad people who might find you really attractive.

* Helmets - It's a free country, and there's a really large hospital near by so we most likely will be able to get you there in plenty of time to harvest your other organs should you wreck. Your choice, but I STRONGLY, STRONGLY, STRONGLY recommend one for the all important replacement for the Figure 8 of Death Relay Race!!!

* Pubs, Bars, Taverns, Saloons and Gentlemen's Clubs - None on the list of stops as this ride is open to all ages. Feel free to bring a 6'r for afterwards though.

* Bribery - Bribery of the Official is not an upstanding or moral form of competition, but this is me were talkin' about.
Last years Crit of Death race

If the weathers good, I'll be riding down via the New Berlin Trail. Anyone interested in coming, let me know!


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