Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Bike Check: Adam's 400

We're starting a new feature here, Monday Bike Checks. Basically a brief profile of people's commuter, errand, townie bikes or whatever they use to get around on. If you'd like your bike to be featured here's the criteria:

- 1-3 quality bike photos.

- A quick mention of how much you use your bike or what you use it for.

- Why you like your bike, anything special, or why it works best for you.

You can send submissions to me directly,, I have a few Mondays worth already lined up but could use more. With the snow here now it would be great to see some Winter bikes!

We'll start today with Adam's Trek 400,

I originally picked this up as just an around town type of bike, but not only do I grab this for quick rides through Waukesha, I have used it for some pretty fun longer rides more often than my other newer bikes. When I picked this bike up all of the components were not in very good shape from neglect(wheels bent, rear derailleur was seized up, and even the seatpost is stuck right now, luckily at the right height) It has horizontal dropouts so I decided to just make it a singlespeed. With a few new and used parts I was able to make it what it is now, it has some rust which I intend to fix this winter.



  1. The Shed Master is right.... and especially for a lil black furry friend that likes to tour the sha !