Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Bike Check: Sonia's Raliegh

Here's my Raleigh Pursuit. I use it for trips to the library, bank, Panos, social outings, and short shopping trips. My husband bought it at St. Vincent de Paul and spruced up with a very fine Sunringle wheelset, a basket, and more "wraparound"-type handlebars. I love the fact that it's a step-through frame with an upright seated position. My other bikes are designed for more agressive riding, which means it's uncomfortable--or revealing--to use street clothes when I'm riding them. But with my red Raleigh, I can wear jeans, a low-cut top, or even a skirt, and feel completely comfortable!

Future upgrades: A bigger, sturdy basket that doesn't slip (mounted to the headtube), and a bell.

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