Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snowbiking In Tosa

With not enough snow to ski yet and enough cold days commuting on the road this week, a snowy mountain bike ride on the Menominee River trails with some of the Wauwatosa crew sounded like a good idea this morning, and it was!
We started at Hoyt Park and headed all the way North. The trails from Hoyt to Mayfair Rd. were fairly icy, but the Oak Hill loops from Capitol and passed Hampton were very nice. With a 32:17 gear on the 1x1 and 2.35 tires @ 20psi, it was the ideal set up for the couple inches of snow and intermittent ice. While the temps were chilly, offroad riding is more of a workout and the wooded trails are out of the wind. A winter jacket & knickers over long underwear, lobster claw gloves winter shoes and cap were adequate for the sunny day in the woods. If you want to get out, don't be afraid to give snowbiking a try!


  1. Thanks for joining us Ronsta!

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  2. Thanks for the article Russell!
    I may elaborate on this in a bit.