Thursday, January 27, 2011

Commute 1.27


Safe travels today everyone!


  1. Saw two commuters bearing HWY J today.... my jaw dropped... they are certainly dedicated cyclists.

  2. @Kate, No kidding. Hwy J is the reason I DON'T bike to work in the winter...there is hardly any shoulder on that road in the first place. Plus, it's so dark by the airport.

    One of the guys who always bikes on J is this asian guy. I also see him near the New Berlin trailhead when I drop off C in the mornings. Could he be biking from Pewaukee to West Allis? Don't know.

    Some day, I will fling him a WBA postcard/button magnet from across Hwy J as I am on my way to work and he is on his way to his work.