Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Bike Check: Bob's GT

I'll never part with this bike. We did first MTB race in 1990, and now my commuter going on 15 yrs, some of which every day, year round. She's a bit tired and we've been through alot, like taken late winter night ride through Milw Cnty Zoo - recommend to try, kinda spooky cool, though we were chased eventually caught by security, tossed in back of pick-up and escorted to entrance with verbal spankin. Most notably was road trip out to visit my bro in Flagsatff, AZ (see pics). We rode up Snow Bowl road to the ski lodge - in winter, temp low teens, (elev gain 7k ft. to 9.6k ft, 6mi, 1.5hr), about 3qtr way up, head down, and suckin aircycles through my nose, I hear "Bro, Brrooo - Bro!", I look up and here's small pick-up coming slideways at me with dog in back, just missed, tagged armco, straightened out, and kept going - with dog/SOB barkin at me!! Anyway, we made it to the top, by then dusk and single dig temp. Got a lift down in back of pick-up, freakin froze our @$#@ off!

Hopin I'll get through another winter without having to ride shotgun
in back of a pick-up. Thanks & Happy New Year!
- ramcycl

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