Friday, February 25, 2011

Looking Ahead

The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin has announced this years State Bike Summit will be April 19th. If you're passionate about cycling in Wisconsin please try to make it to this event. Also, the next Rockesha is coming up in a few weeks. I haven't nailed down the locations yet but I'm thinking we might meet some place new and finish up at one of the downtown staples. With St. Patty's the day before, plan for a long weekend! Ok, now I'm off for Texas, check back tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bike to Ski

With mild temps and Minooka only a few miles away, I decided to load up the 1x1 and get a warm up in on my way to the trails.
The Surly, with its low gearing and fat tires has become my errand bike for the wintry conditions.

Using toe straps, bungees and rags it wasn't too hard to fasten my load.

With flat pedals on this bike my ski boots were adequate for riding and with everything centered on the frame it didn't interfere with pedaling or affect the handling.

Locked up at the park, the basket was handy for stashing my jacket and helmet. Threading the cable through kept 'em secure. Unloading and reloading was a breeze.

The trails were nicely groomed this morning and the warmer snow had plenty of glide. It was a great day to get out!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WBA meeting tomorrow night

Thursday, 7:00 p.m., upstairs room at Sprizzo Caffe,


1. Waukesha Parks and Rec Bike Camp. Three people who are involved
with planning for the camp are coming to the meeting to talk about the
camp and get our input.

2. Old items:
--Bike racks update
--Mountain bike trails update
--West Waukesha bypass public meetings update
--Carroll U update

3. New Items:
--Boy Scouts of America--Venturing Crew
--Bank account
--Alta Planning selected to do the bike/ped plan
--Central City master plan update from Beth
--Ride of Silence. (We have been asked to organize this this year by
the spinners.)
--Bike to Work Day


The weekly Ray's excursion is tonight. Come and join us if you want to do some fun indoor riding!

Also, an enthusiastic member has put up a potent talisman on e-bay that you might want to think about bidding on. Looks like there is a bidding war!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trail Conditions

With the Spring like temps, it's been very inviting to get out and ride already. I've been getting some early season miles in the last few days and checked out some of the trails on my ventures. Here's what I've noticed so far..

-Not to fool you with the photo above, the Lake Country Trail is not clear. Only this stretch along Main St. in Delafield appears to be.

-The Fox River Parkway is clear, but there are sections of black ice as the runoff freezes & thaws.

-The Glacial Drumlin is not cleared west of Grandview, there is a an inch or two of snow down that may melt soon but may also become icy.

-The Meadowbrook Rd. trail is clear from TT to I94.

-I have not ventured over to the New Berlin Trail yet, but they are generally good about clearing as its a main commuter link to Milwaukee. Maybe JP has a confirmation?

The weather looks to be great the rest of this week, so take advantage if you can. Ride safe!

Monday, February 14, 2011

OTB MKE Interview

Milwaukee's Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator Dave Schlabowske posted on his blog Over The Bars In Milwaukee an interview he did with Sonia and I about the Waukesha Bicycle Alliance. If you're interested in what we're all about I think it's a pretty good overview of how we started where we hope to go. Thanks a lot Dave for getting the word out!

Also, our monthly meeting is this Thursday at 7:00pm once again in the upstairs room at Sprizzo Cafe (363 W. Main St.). Anyone interested in bicycling in Waukesha is welcome to attend!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Carroll University Bike Advisory Meeting Update

With parking getting tighter every semester, and a new rule starting for the Fall '11 semester that 1st year students will not be allowed to bring a vehicle to campus. Carroll U has begun taking steps towards a bicycle friendly campus. This is a welcomed change for the recent college turned university, that has watched the campus and the student body grow over the past few years.

The committee consist of faculty, students, and representatives from the city of Waukesha, the local and state bicycling organizations, and local bike shops . With the city already making plans to make Waukesha a more bike friendly community it should be an easy transition for the university. After viewing the application for the Bike League's bicycle friendly campus, we were able to discuss some of the shortfalls the campus has, and what is needed in the short and long term to reach this goal. The committee will be sending out a student survey sometime in March.

Monday Bike Check: Kate's Free Spirit

Given as a gift.... she is smooth, universal and puts a smile on my face when i ride it. basket is good for the layla and for runs around town.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why do we need bicycle parking downtown?

I guess this post is long overdue, since we've been working on getting bike racks downtown since September.

The Waukesha public works board will be reviewing our initial proposal and voting whether to give it conceptual approval Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. in room 217 in City Hall. We encourage you to attend to support our proposal.

For anyone who bikes to downtown regularly, the need for bike parking is obvious. But it ISN'T obvious for people who don't bike. People who don't bike see plenty of trees, street signs, garbage cans, and lamp posts to lock bikes to. They also point out that there are bike racks down by the riverwalk that no one ever uses, so they say adding more is just a waste of money. Well, here are some arguments for installing bike racks:

How will non-cyclists benefit from bike racks?
1) Bicycle parking is good for business. The amount of money cyclists spend, divided by amount of area dedicated to bike parking, is proportionally higher than the amount of $/area dedicated for car parking. If bicyclists feel invited and have safe and convenient locations to secure their bikes, they will spend more time and money downtown. If you build it they will come...

West Broadway on a Friday night, Waukesha, WI.

2) Designated bike racks result in more orderly-looking streetscapes and prevents damage to trees, signs, garbage cans and lampposts.

3) Well-designed back racks prevent theft.

4) The bike racks we are proposing will also serve as public art, which will attract more people to downtown Waukesha and also showcase local artists, designers, and metalworkers.

How will cyclists benefit from bike parking?

1) Bicycle parking encourages more people to bike by legitimizing cycling as a transportation mode.

2) Cyclists will be able to lock their bikes up securely, in a way that minimizes damage to their bike. Bike racks should be designed to support the bike in two places, preventing it from falling over. The rack should also be anchored to the ground.

3) The new racks would be located close to the businesses and activity centers in downtown, so they would actually be useful to cyclists. Most cyclists won't go very far from their destination to find a good place to lock their bike. Sometimes it's a chore to even cross the street for a bike parking spot.