Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bike to Ski

With mild temps and Minooka only a few miles away, I decided to load up the 1x1 and get a warm up in on my way to the trails.
The Surly, with its low gearing and fat tires has become my errand bike for the wintry conditions.

Using toe straps, bungees and rags it wasn't too hard to fasten my load.

With flat pedals on this bike my ski boots were adequate for riding and with everything centered on the frame it didn't interfere with pedaling or affect the handling.

Locked up at the park, the basket was handy for stashing my jacket and helmet. Threading the cable through kept 'em secure. Unloading and reloading was a breeze.

The trails were nicely groomed this morning and the warmer snow had plenty of glide. It was a great day to get out!


  1. Don't you need an SMV sign on the back of all that stuff hanging out all over like that?

  2. Not sure JP, I did put some reflective bands around the end for more visibility before I left though.

  3. You can also post your comments on skiing conditions to

    A lot of people ski at Minooka, where the conditions seem to change pretty quickly, but I rarely see reports on it.