Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trail Conditions

With the Spring like temps, it's been very inviting to get out and ride already. I've been getting some early season miles in the last few days and checked out some of the trails on my ventures. Here's what I've noticed so far..

-Not to fool you with the photo above, the Lake Country Trail is not clear. Only this stretch along Main St. in Delafield appears to be.

-The Fox River Parkway is clear, but there are sections of black ice as the runoff freezes & thaws.

-The Glacial Drumlin is not cleared west of Grandview, there is a an inch or two of snow down that may melt soon but may also become icy.

-The Meadowbrook Rd. trail is clear from TT to I94.

-I have not ventured over to the New Berlin Trail yet, but they are generally good about clearing as its a main commuter link to Milwaukee. Maybe JP has a confirmation?

The weather looks to be great the rest of this week, so take advantage if you can. Ride safe!

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