Thursday, March 31, 2011

Big Dummy

Big Dummy by shinkee

While I was out running errands today I was stopped a couple of times about my bike the Big Dummy, it is a "trailer-less" cargo bike based on the Xtracycle platform. It was a bike and concept I was very interested in when they were first introduced a few years ago. It is bit on the heavier side but tends to ride pretty much like any other bike except the weight, and the long wheel base, and it only takes a couple of short rides to really get used to it. The ride quality is great, it is very stable and the fat tires with the long wheel base make rough roads smooth out nicely.

My goal in purchasing this machine is simple, reduce my car trips, especially in the city. As of right now my car moves about twice a week, which is about 5 days less than it has previously. It's great, I think everyone could use one. Have these guys order one for you.


  1. Can I borrow it sometime Adam? I want to know if I can lug it up Moreland Blvd. That's my "litmus test" for a City bike right now

  2. Sure Sonia, just gimme a heads up