Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ride of Silence report

A couple hundred cyclists (in my estimation--see for yourself) came to last night's Ride of Silence in Waukesha.  Pastor Ken Rankin led off the ceremony with a thoughtful talk about our "hurry up" mentality and how that contributes to accidents like the ones that killed Jeff Littmann and Brett Netke last year.

Brett Netke's sister then talked about her brother and how he is missed.  And Jeff Littman's widow Kelly also had a couple words to remember Jeff. 

After a moment of silence, the ride took off.  It was great to see the attention we got with the high-vis t-shirts that Wheel and Sprocket donated.  Some people cheered us on (thinking we were in a race) and other drivers honked.  The Waukesha police did their best to ensure everyone's safety as the riders became strung out along the route.

Thanks to the Spring City Spinners for organizing a great event.  We have big shoes to fill next year when we take over.

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