Monday, July 4, 2011

Waukesha Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Documents

Documents received 2011 July 1 from Ron Grall, Director of of City of Waukesha Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department in preparation for the July 12 Steering Committee Meeting are posted on WBA's website plan project page:

Notes from 2011 May 25 6:30-8 pm Public Meeting

Notes from 2011 May 25 3-4:30 pm Steering Committee Meeting

Demand and Benefits Analysis of Bicycling and Pedestrian Alternatives

General Design Guidelines for Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

Funding Sources for Bicycle Facilities and Trails

Needs and Types of Bicyclists

Programs Recommendations

This last document has several suggestions for WBA's involvement in
implementation of the Waukesha Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.

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  1. Additional documents received 2011-07-05 from Ann Freiwald of ALTA Planning for the July 12, 2011 meeting:

    Bikeway Recommendations for the City of Waukesha

    Map of Waukesha Bike Plan - Proposed Network

    Also on the project page.