Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pedal the Parks

Our Pedal the Parks Scavenger Bike Ride is this Saturday, starting at the Rotary Building in Frame Park.  I've been working with a couple other WBA members to put together the clues and make sure we have people on hand to do the helmet fittings.  I think that if enough kids come, it could be a really fun, awesome event.  The clues were mostly written by one of our resident creative geniuses, Bob M.   Just to give you a sense, here's the first clue:

Alone in stone they watch over the bridge
If you're lucky you'll see them alive, for only a smidge

This is our first event geared specifically at kids and we have no idea how many people will show up, other than the few parents who have told me so specifically.  Most of the active members in our group don't have kids, or have kids that are too old or too young for this event, which is geared at 8-14-year olds.

Looking very serious
Because we haven't had a lot of kids on our own rides, I relied on Waukesha Parks and Rec for the photo that we used in the Patch announcement.  Here's the one pic that I have of kids on the last Bikesha ride.  They don't exactly look like they're having fun!

Hopefully this Saturday's event will change that, and we'll get some great pictures of kids with
bikes riding around Waukesha!

I also like the idea of doing more kid-oriented rides in Waukesha because it's such a family-friendly town.  Also, there just aren't a lot of biking events geared towards kids.  So, if this is successful we will try and do one again next year, perhaps at the beginning of summer.

If you plan on bringing your kids to the event, please RSVP on our Facebook page or register with Waukesha Parks Recreation and Forestry if you have an account.

Get to the Rotary Building by 9:30 a.m. for the helmet fittings; the ride will start at 10:00 a.m.  Everyone should be back at the Rotary building at noon.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fed Fest this Saturday!

Instead of doing a Bikesha event this month, we thought it might be fun to head East of 124th St. for a change and celebrate the Wisconsin Bike Fed's Fed Fest! Interested in riding down? We'll be meeting at the New Berlin Trail trail-head at the East end of Lincoln Ave. this Saturday at 4:30 and then riding down to Benno's in West Allis. Benno's will be hosting drinks before and after the social ride along the the Hank Aaron Trail in Milwaukee. Be sure to register if your interested in going and don't forget lights and a helmet too! See you there!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bike Rack Design Submissions

Without further ado, here are the submissions we received for our bike rack design contest.  You'll soon be able to see them in their full original size and format on our website.

Bob Meuer #1:

Bob Meuer # 2: 

Scott Stoll: The Les Paul Gibson:  

Charlie Johnson:  

Tom Noll #1:
Tom Noll #2:
Dave Burch #1: The water drop

Dave Burch #2: The Perfect Pint

Dave Burch submission on behalf of wife #1: Spool of Thread

Dave Burch submission on behalf of his wife #2: Spoon/fork/knife