Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bike racks vs guitar art: 2012-01-19 Sound Off in Freeman

Guitar project
It seems like we are all isolated islands trying to do good for this city,
but nothing is quite getting there or working out right. We had a dog walking
route, and a group that was working on the gateways. We have been going in
circles with the bike racks; it has been a tough 1.5 years for the racks. Does
the mayor have to have his own task force for everything? If there are
committees in place working on a project, why can’t he work with us? We have
been working on downtown design and placement for the bike racks. Now he comes
up with the guitars and their placement. What about the bike racks? What about
all of the work we have done on that?
Maybe the guitars should be scaled down to become bike racks. Kill two birds
with one structure. I know a lot of other cities use branding for such things
(Example: the city buses in Lake Tahoe are called Big Blue, as that is their
brand for the lake). I guess we could use the guitar as our brand identity; I
always thought the little foxes would be good. Forget all of the colors on the
current guitars, make the permanent ones aluminum and add some copper or brass
to accentuate the different styles. It always seems like we are running around
with separate agendas and there is nothing in place to put it all together. What
about the master plan? What does that tell us? We are like flies hitting the
glass over and over. It is pure craziness, right?

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