Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Waterville Road Incident Update and Sound-Off Reactions

Update on the Waterville Road incident.


Sound-Off #2

Sound-Off #3

As usual, the complete anonymity allowed by the Freeman in the Sound-Off column brings out plenty of opinions that only can match those left on internet message boards.

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  1. I've ridden with plenty of cyclists who fall exactly into the category being talked about. Cyclists must obey the rules of the road and show the respect they want earned so badly by motorists. There seems to be a major attitude problem out on the roads and WI needs to get that fixed asap. It will require work from both parties... but I can say that it erks me when people dont ride properly on the road and I am a victim of guilt by association when it comes up. Theres a bad mood out there towards cyclists and its a real bummer.