Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bike Plan Goes To Common Council!

Waukesha's Bike & Pedestrian plan cleared its first couple hurdles this passed week. Last Thursday, the Board of Public Works approved the plan for adoption and last night the Parks, Recreation & Forestry board also unanimously approved. The next step is taking the plan to Common Council on September 18th for final adoption.

If your a cyclist or someone who just wants to see Waukesha become a more walkable and bike friendly city, please come to the common council meeting at City Hall on the 18th at 7:30pm. Once the plan is adopted, it means any future improvements to city streets or parks will have to consider bicycle and pedestrian accomodations refering to this plan. Having these items in the plan also helps the city move forward on fundraising for certain projects in the plan. Apotion of this plan will help Waukesha progress as a city, improve its quality of life and help it become a hub and destination in a larger county-wide and regional bicycle network.

Thank you to Ron Grall at WPRF and Anne Freiwald of ALTA for all their hard work on this plan. One more meeting to go and I hope anyone who can, will come out to support the approval of this plan. See you next Tuesday!

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