About Bike Waukesha!

Bike Waukesha! is the blog of the Waukesha Bicycle Alliance. We are a group of cyclists who live, work, and/or bike in Waukesha County.  Our mission is to make Waukesha County a better place to ride, and to encourage more people to explore the County on their bikes.  We have a lot more information about what we do on our website

The Waukesha Bicycle Alliance aims to...
  • Build relations with area organizations and agencies to make Waukesha County a better place to ride;
  • Advocate for better bicycling conditions, facilities, and safety;
  • Encourage more people to ride their bikes, more often;
  • Educate about the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists in our communities.
To get in touch with us, e-mail us at bikewaukesha (at) gmail.com or join our listserve.
See you on two wheels!