Waukesha Bike Rack Project

Where do you want a rack? 
The WBA is working with the BID and the City to get some bike racks installed downtown. One of the things they've asked us to do is document potential locations and take pictures of areas we think bike parking would be a nice addition to the city. To gather more input Ron started a flickr pool here. If you're on flickr, feel free to add photos of where you park your bike or where you'd like to park it. Ideas are open to anywhere in the city, not just downtown. Business owners, your input is vital! Let us know if bike racks are something you would or would not want near your business. Remember, the photos are only ideas, there's quite a bit more process to go through before anything materializes.

What kind of crazy rack is that?
The WBA is also trying to organize an art bike rack design competition, which would accomplish the following trifecta: 1) Provide a showcase for Waukesha artists 2) Provide public art downtown, and 3) Provide bike parking.  Contact us if you're interested in the idea!